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The Institute is open to qualified persons to enroll at all times. However, applicants will be scheduled to begin the training based the training timetable. Our enrollment is NOT dependent on the grades attained in your final examination or certification but proof of basic education.


JHS/SHS Applicants

  • Applicants should have fully completed their education and must have proof of certification.

  • Applicants must also be proficient in the reading and writing of the English language.


Tertiary Applicants

  • Applicants who are either in the university or have completed the undergraduate program at any accredited tertiary institution.

  • Applicants must have proof of certification or be able to show he/she is enrolled in a tertiary program.

  • Applicants with a background in any engineering program is an added advantage


  • Applicants who are in the field of engineering and practicing as technicians or Apprentices (Example: Electricians, Repairers, Auto mechanics)

  • Applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding of the English language and be able to express his/herself well.

  • Applicants must successfully pass an assessment program to test their understanding on basic engineering principles.

Professionals /Technical Trainers

Applicant who are proficient in any of the engineering fields and will want to;

  • Upgrade his/her chosen career skills

  • Be trained in a new area of his/her career field.

  • Enroll on a different training program to broaden his/her scope of practice.

Classroom Lecture

Courses are structured in small, practical units of training; Trainers are guided through step-by-step approach to understand the principles and underlying theories of courses in any program of study. Instructors use simple terminologies and demonstration images to enhance trainer’s understanding of the subject area.


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