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3 DAYS  @ GHC 700.00

Vehicle & Asset Tracker

This training will take participants through the installation and management of tracking devices. Trainees will also learn basic troubleshooting skills in electrical and electronic systems. 

5 DAYS @ GHC 850.00

CCTV & Access Control


Trainees will learn how to configure and install security cameras with ease. You will also learn how to program access control devices such as biometric and RFID cards.

5 DAYS - GHC 800.00

Advance Vehicle Diagnostics

Participants will learn how to use advance diagnostics machine to find faults on any type of vehicle. Trainees will also learn basic electronic circuit analysis and design techniques

5 DAYS - GHC 850.00

Laptop Computer Repairs

Trainees will acquire skills which will help them to troubleshoot and repair laptops. They will also learn how to disassemble and assemble computers and also how to fix surface-mount devices. Our Engineering Labs are well resourced for quality training and practical sessions.

Arduino programming.jpg

Vehicle & Asset Tracker

Common Rail injection machine

Advance Vehicle Diagnostics

CCTV installation.jpg

CCTV& Access Control


Screenshot 08-20-2019 16.35_edited.png

Robotics and Artificial


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